Wireless cable modem is a device that connects devices in your network with or without wire to the internet through the cable wire. This device is really a combination of a cable modem and wireless router because it combines the functionalities of these two devices.

Technical Characteristics

Since every wireless-capable modem is, in fact, the router, a more appropriate name for this device is a cable modem wireless router. Most of the wireless cable modems on the market have the following functionalities:

1) Plug and play installation and the installation wizard.
2) NAT – Network Address Translation. It translates multiple private IP addresses on devices in your home network to one public IP address.
3) DHCP server – Modem is giving IP addresses to the devices in your network.
4) A firewall controls packets towards and from your network.
5) Dual-band access point.
6) One or more Ethernet RJ-45 ports.
7) Option to apply the quality of service or QoS.
8) Compatible with Windows, Mac, Unix, Linux or any other devices with WiFi or Ethernet network card.

Towards the internet wireless cable modem creates a single connection, while towards your wireless home network it connects multiple devices. A Wireless cable modem is connected to the internet with the coaxial cable. Coax cable is the same kind of cable which has been used for connecting your television with the antenna.


All devices which support WiFi, like computers, laptops, iPhones, or others, can be connected to your home wireless network thanks to cable modem wireless router. Most of the cable broadband providers are offering wireless cable router as part of their internet package, and usually, these cable modem wireless routers come pre-configured with provider settings which enable you the internet connection. In spite of that, you need to configure appropriate security for your wireless network.

My recommendation is to use WPA. More about the wireless security you can read on – WLAN security. Wireless cable modem, thanks to voice over IP or VoIP technology, enables you to use your computer as a telephone and to make and receive phone calls.


Most of the problems with the connection to your broadband cable provider, you can solve with just turning off and turning on your cable modem wireless router. Make sure that your coaxial and power cables are plugged in. My Recommendation If you are interested to buy cable modem wireless router, my recommendation is the Motorola SB6121 SURFboard DOCSIS 3.0 Cable Modem.

This cable modem wireless router has the following technical characteristics:

– Stylish and space-saving box.
– Front panel with easy LED-s for status and troubleshooting.
– Supports both IPv4 and IPv6.
– Speed up to 160 Mbps downstream and 120 Mbps upstream.
– DOCSIS 3.0 and EuroDOCSIS 3.0 certified and backward compatible with DOCSIS 1.x and 2.0.
– Plug and Play installation.
– User-friendly diagnostics.
– Supports WPA AES security.
– Option to be remotely configurable with the SNMP and TFTP.


1) It is very fast.
2) Looks nice and compact and has the option to mount it on the wall or shelf.
3) Very good features and quality for the price.
4) Easy to install and configure.


1) Not so tolerant to the signal problems.