The intention of this information is to help keep your computer system functioning at its optimum speed by performing some standard clean-ups. One crucial thing that influences your internet performance can be your cable modem. Your 1st step is owning the best cable modem that is operating on a DOCSIS 3.0 or else, all we include in this article will most likely not make a difference. Let’s get into it.

1. Defragmenting:

Just what is defragmenting? It is a lot like running a comb through your hair or arranging a person’s paper filing cabinet. This is arranging your computer or laptop files. Get started by going to your ‘start menu’ next just click on ‘programs.’ Next, go to ‘Microsoft system tools’. Should you have Windows 7, basically type ‘defragment’ in the start menu search box and this will appear under programs. Once this program opens, simply just defragment the entire hard drive. I recommend you defragment once per month.

2. Disk Cleanup:

What is disk cleanup? This clears away data files and data on your personal computer that are accomplishing nothing but using up space. This can be located under the ‘start menu’ next look underneath ‘programs’. Now go to ‘Microsoft system tools.’ In the event you have Windows 7, just simply enter ‘disk cleanup’ into the start menu search box and it’ll appear below programs. And once it finishes all of the calculating, then click all the boxes you want to be cleaned up (I check every one of them). Then simply, click ‘ok’. Without possibly even realizing, an individual could have 1 gigabyte or maybe more of wasted disk space on your hard disk resulting in it to work at a reduced speed (that’s roughly two thousand pictures worth of wasted storage space!) I recommend a person does the disk cleanup monthly.

3. Clear Storage Cache, History, and Cookies:

Ever thought how a web site figures out if people have visited before? Or how a site recalled a person’s security passwords or other information that is personal? Chances are you have one-hundred or thousands of ‘cookies’ tied to your personal computer along with the internet. That being said, open your Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Chrome and let’s do a bit of maintenance. Using Internet Explorer you simply go to ‘tools’ and then ‘internet options.’ Under ‘Browsing history’ in your first tab, select the ‘delete’ button. Make sure all boxes are checked and now click ‘ok.’ With Firefox, you will go to tools and then ‘clear history.’ Click on the small drop-down arrow and be sure all boxes are checked and change the ‘Time range to clear’ to ‘everything.’ Should you have Google Chrome you actually simply click your wrench within the upper right-hand corner. Next click on ‘options’. In the ‘Under the hood’ section simply click on ‘Clear browsing data’ once you have checked all the boxes. This should be done once per month

4. Anti-Virus Software programs:

This should quickly remove computer viruses as well as continually scan and block computer viruses. As you can imagine, when you have a computer virus it’s going to slow almost everything down. In the event that you need a free version, then simply take a look at the one I use, Microsoft Security Essentials. Run a diagnostic monthly or any time you’re prompted to.

5. Cable Modem Clear from surroundings:

Is there an item stacked on your cable modem right now? Well, if you desire the cable modem running her best; clear away any items that may be lying on your modem. Do you see the openings in your cable modem? Those help it to cool itself and of course, if you cover it up, this device can’t take in air and then can’t function its best. Whenever you can, give it four inches on the sides with the exception of the bottom. BONUS: Take a huge breath of air and then blow inside the openings of your modem and observe all of the dirt come flying out.

6. Unplug Your Cable Modem:

Any time you ever phone your internet service provider (ISP) this will be among the first things that they highly recommend. Detach all of the cords to your cable modem and router, (including the power cords). Let it sit for 5 minutes and there you are, your online performance will be recharged and ready to work far better than ever before.

ANOTHER BONUS: This is also among the first things I personally perform any time my ‘internet is down’ to get it back up and functioning right.

I hope that you found this information just as beneficial as I have through the years. Once more, it is all for almost nothing if you don’t possess the best cable modem because that will be operating your internet. However, it’s a very good start! Now go and have fun with your quicker pc and internet! And go back to having fun with your shopping, online gaming, movie watching, and whatever you appreciate doing on the internet in uninterrupted peace.
Thank you and cheers.