Having a poor wireless signal on your PlayStation 3 can lead to some problems. Slow download/streaming speeds, lag while gaming online and the internet itself repeatedly dropping. It can be caused by a couple of things but one sure way to solve it is with a PS4 WiFi booster.

Now when I talk about a WiFi booster for PS4 I’m not talking about something you can plug into your PlayStation from Sony. In fact there’s nothing like that which really exists which is going to boost your signal. And while my flat mate swears that putting a sieve behind his PlayStation improved the signal (don’t try this it’s a waste of time) the real truth was he got a better signal because I setup a standalone repeater for him.

What do I mean by that?

Wireless Repeaters

A wireless repeater is basically a standalone device which takes a wireless signal and ‘repeats’ it. So if the distance between your PS4 and your router is too long or full of interference and obstructions then you’ll have a weak signal. The solution is to place a wireless repeater somewhere in the middle and it connects to the repeater and creates a new point for your PS4 to connect to.

So rather than needing a strong signal to your router, the PS4 only needs a strong signal to the repeater which is closer – and then shares the internet connection from your router. They’re cheap, easy to setup and means you don’t have to worry about poor signals. They say a picture says a thousand words so maybe this explains it better:

The setup process is easy and you don’t need any advanced technical knowledge to use one. And there’s nothing on the PS4 to change – as far as it knows you’re connected to a router directly.

Getting a PS4 WiFi Booster

As I mentioned before there’s nothing specifically for the PS4 for this. Wireless repeaters can (and are commonly) used for laptops, computers, tablets, phones and pretty much any other wireless device. So as a nice extra benefit here you could also be improving the wireless signal for the rest of the house.

There’s nothing specific (or at all) from Sony on this front but for gaming on the PS4 you want something which will give you a strong reliable signal. You can take a look at the WiFi booster page for an overall idea of what you can choose from but I’d suggest going for the best WiFi repeater – that will give you the strong signal a PlayStation 3 really needs.