If your current Wireless G router has become a bit of a bottleneck it really is the perfect time to upgrade to a Wireless N router. The time has come for Wireless G to move over and make way for Wireless N. The standard Wireless N router has exiting, new benefits that Wireless G routers do not.

Speed And Range Considerations

The 2 main totally obvious advantages over Wireless G are actually speed and range. Without proprietary upgrades, the average Wireless G Router is just capable of 54Mbps. This is five times as fast as Wireless B, however, it is not going to hold a candle to Wireless N speeds. The standard Wireless N routers max speed is approximately 300Mbps. In some cases up to 450Mbps! Wireless N pretty much runs circles around Wireless G. A Wireless N routers range is approximately 300 feet. The wireless G range is actually 150 feet.

So is it truly worth spending money on this additional performance or not? If it’s only just you and another additional person on your network and you both are quite happy with surfing online, printing and checking email messages Wireless G is probably all you need. Gaming and huge downloads will slow most wireless G networks down noticeably. Most Wireless G Routers usually are not capable of streaming High-Def Video with no lot of lag and annoying jitter.

Consider Your Network Usage

Something else to consider is the number of people you anticipate to make use of your wireless home network at the same time. Two people sharing a Wireless G network will experience little lag. Double this to 4 people online at one time and you will probably encounter difficulties quickly.

An increase in speed and range on a Wireless N network is accomplished using a system of multiple send and receive antennas built into the router. This is called MIMO. That being said 3 or 4 people connected to a Wireless N router should have basically no trouble surfing the net simultaneously.

It doesn’t stop there. Several high-end Wireless N routers are made for video games and streaming High-Def video. High-performance routers with extra memory and high processor speeds are made to deal with the demands of video gaming and HIGH-DEFINITION video streaming. These high-end routers are intended to be connected right to your favorite game console or Blue-ray player for lag-free network performance.

More Benefits Over Wireless G

Yet another useful feature of Wireless N is it can work on a much less congested frequency band than wireless G. Wireless G’s 2. 4GHZ frequency band is the same one which other wireless routers and home appliances make use of. Interference problems on this band are typical and usually tricky to pinpoint. Wireless N helps prevent this issue by using on the 5GHZ frequency band. This particular band suffers from much less interference.than the 2. 4GHZ band. This feature is taken a step further by dual-band wireless routers which allow you to operate on the two frequencies at one time. One network will operate on the 5GHZ band. And the second will be on the 2.4GHZ band. This keeps your game enthusiasts from annoying the web surfers inside your home.

Built-in USB ports are an additional great feature of Wireless N Routers. Simply connect an external hard drive or memory stick into this port and you can access its contents from any laptop or computer connected to your network. You can use this port on routers that have a built-in media server to stream music and High-Definition video.

Are There Downsides To Wireless N?

Now that you are aware of all the potential benefits of buying Wireless N router the sole concern you might have can be price. If you’re worried about the price, you shouldn’t be. Wireless networking prices as we might already know have come down appreciably in the last few years. Prices typically drop appreciably immediately after a manufacturing upgrade a product line with a new version. This is normal with technology products. If you don’t care about owning the “latest and greatest” this is a terrific opportunity for someone to make big savings but still purchase quality electronic products. Many quality Wireless N routers can be obtained at Wireless G prices. A possible downside of buying a Wireless N router that cannot be neglected is compatibility. If all your wireless network adapters and gadgets are Wireless G you need to upgrade these to Wireless N to enjoy the advantages of a new purchase.

Now that you know the benefits and disadvantages of upgrading to a Wireless N router you will be able to make a much more informed purchase.

Gaming With Wireless N

Interested in gaming? Don’t even think about trying to run a game on a Wireless G Router. Wireless G simply does not have the throughput needed to run a timing-sensitive gaming application. The best router for gaming is a Wireless N router with extra memory and processor power designed specifically for handling games and multimedia. Gigabit switch ports, QoS or Quality Of Service and dual bands are all things to consider when looking for the best router for gaming.