Home wireless Internet providers are not always the same as broadband providers, although sometimes they can be. Some companies offer both, while others are limited to one or the other.

Wireless Internet service for your home

If you’re simply looking for a strong wireless Internet connection for your home, you have two main options. You can go with a broadband home plan that connects to the Internet through a wired connection, like cable, fiber optics or DSL, or you could go with a mobile broadband company’s home plan.

Cable and DSL home internet

Choosing a cable or DSL home internet service will involve some extra equipment. First you’ll have a connection from the source to a modem, so if you go with the cable company, they’ll come to your home and make sure it’s wired and ready to connect to the modem. From there you’ll need to plug that modem into a wireless router. The router will take that wired signal and broadcast it as a Wi-Fi signal. Some companies will bundle a wireless router in with the initial set up costs or contract fees, while others will require you to get one on your own. It’s important to do your research on the router, as you want one that offers high speeds at multiple frequencies. Also, many routers require a disc installation on a computer before they can run in wireless mode, that might be an issue if your laptop does not have a disc drive.

Home internet via mobile broadband providers

With home internet service from a mobile broadband provider, all you’ll need is a USB-powered wireless device, or a mobile hotspot device. These devices can be purchased through a broadband wireless Internet provider. They’re easy to operate and can connect to fast 4G networks (depending on the provider). All you have to do is plug them in and you’re ready to go. Some 4G wireless providers even sell 4G-enabled laptops, which you can use without any external device.

An added benefit of choosing the mobile broadband provider is that it’s easy to transition from a home plan into an anywhere plan. That means if you are within your provider’s coverage area, you can take your laptop out of your house and use it in your favorite spots around town.