Best DOCSIS 3.1 Cable Modem 2021

There are so many options for DOCSIS 3.1 modem that can be beneficial for your internet connection. DOCSIS is short for Data over Cable Service Interface Specifications which refers to a protocol allowing ISP to provide (internet) service via a coaxial cable. In simple words, the DOCSIS 3.1 cable modem can be used to deliver high-speed broadband internet access.

There are many different brands and many different devices out there – you just need to narrow down your options to pick the perfect one. Below are some of the best DOCSIS 3.1 Cable Modem 2021 to choose from. Let’s take a closer look.

Netgear CM1000 Cable Modem

This one can help you save money because it replaces the cable modem – which saves up to more than $150 a year for rental equipment fees. This device is designed for a high-speed connection, up to 1GB of speed, make it great for stream any HD videos, download faster as well as high-speed online gaming

The modem is also compatible with many internet cable providers, such as COX, Spectrum, and Comcast Xfinity. But this one won’t be compatible with CenturyLink, DISH, AT&T, DSL providers, Verizon, DirectTV and other services with bundled voice offer.

This machine enables you to connect it to any WiFi router for your wireless needs. Basically, if you need a stable and fast internet connection, this Netgear Device would help you.


This is one of the DOCSIS 3.1 cable modems that is compatible with major internet providers. It works just well with Xfinity, Spectrum, and Cox – as well as other providers. But keep in mind that it won’t work with CenturyLink, Verizon, AT&T, and other fiber or DSL (internet) providers.

This type of modem is considered one of the best devices that will deliver high-speed internet connection – which can go up to 2Gbps. But if you do want to reach such speed, you need a second IP address from your internet provider.

It also comes with 2 ports of Gigabit Ethernet and offers quick & easy setup. The device doesn’t include WiFi. It doesn’t support any digital cable voice service either.

ARRIS SURFboard SBG8300 AC2350 DOCSIS 3.1

If you want to enjoy a great perk, consider this one in your purchase. It comes with 3 products within a package – the cable modem, the dual-band AC2350 WiFi, and 4 ports of Gigabit router. But this one won’t support voice cable digital service.

This one is compatible with Xfinity, Spectrum, Cox, and other services. But don’t expect it to work well with CenturyLink, AT&T, and other fiber or DSL internet providers.

It offers DOCSIS channels with 32 downstream and 8 upstream and it is great for those wanting to enjoy high-speed internet connectivity, up to 4 Gbps. Stream 4K and Ultra-HD videos will be much better with no jitter or buffering

NETGEAR Nighthawk Modem WiFi Router Combo (C7800)

This is one of the devices implementing secure and safe features, including wireless WEP and WPA/WPA2 security protocols and parental controls. The device is engineered with 32×8 channel bonding and has an excellent coverage area of up to 3000 Sq. Ft.

It also offers versatile connections with 2 high speed (USB) 3.0 ports and 4GB Ethernet ports. Such an arrangement gives you access to fast and wired connections to any devices you have, such as a storage drive, game box, printer, computer, and other devices.

The device is designed for fast internet connections up to 2GB of speed. The machine is compatible with major providers such as Cox and Comcast, but it won’t support CenturyLink, DirectTV, Verizon, DSL providers, AT&T, and Spectrum.


Having this device is like having a 2-in-1 package. It features a cable DOCSIS 3.1 modem with a digital 2-line voice adapter designed for phone service.

The device is designed to be compatible with Xfinity voice and internet service only as it won’t be compatible with other service providers.

When compared to DOCSIS 3.0, this one is definitely faster – up to 10 times. What’s nice about this machine is that it offers VoIP (Voice over IP) for the service. It is able to bond well with 8 upstream and 32 downstream channels. As a result, you can enjoy a high-speed internet connection up to gigabit measurement.

Motorola MB8600 DOCSIS 3.1

This is considered one of the best (cable) modem for those wanting to have high-speed internet connections. It comes with 32×8 channels bonding with (built-in) DOCSIS 3.1 features. Thanks to such an arrangement, you should be able to enjoy top-notch and reliable internet speed.

In fact, you have the options to choose the speed you want from the slow to the fast one. Another cool thing is that it works quite well with a variety of WiFi routers, including Mesh routers (Google WiFi, eero, Orbi) and Whole-Home WiFi.

As this device doesn’t come with a built-in phone call or wireless router capability, this is why you need the extra wireless router.

Netgear Nighthawk CM1100 DOCSIS 3.1

The device is quite good and solid. Not only it works fine, but the throughput speed is just marvelous. It is extremely easy to install and use too. The machine works quite well and compatible with Spectrum, Cox, and Xfinity.

It has 8 upstream channels with 32 downstream options. For high-speed internet connection, it supports all cables, up to 2GB, but it needs a separate router for the WiFi.

It has Ethernet 2GB ports along with support for link aggregation. Using and operating the device isn’t difficult or complicated, but it does take time to get used to the operation.

NETGEAR Gigabit Cable Modem (32×8)

This is one of the DOCSIS 3.1 modems which is works better than DOCSIS 3.0. The device works better has better 32×8 channel bonding with OFDM 2×2. When compared to the 3.0 version, this one has better quality and also faster download speed.

It supports all internet cable speeds up to 1000 Mbps, but you may need a separate extra router for the WiFi. Having this will help you save up money. You won’t have to worry about modem rental fees anymore – saving you around $160 a year.

Make sure that you check the device’s specifications because it won’t be compatible with CenturyLink, AT&T, Verizon, and other cable-bundled voice services.

Final Words

Those are some options when it comes to your cable modem requirements. You need to check every device’s specs and features – don’t forget about their supports and compatibility. Some devices are able to deliver more outcomes with extra performance (easy installation, convenient use, etc) while some may require you to limit it. So, which of these DOCSIS 3.1 modem devices that you like the most?

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