If you want to have an internet connection and share your connection to other wifi-enabled devices at home, all you need is a good wireless router and we recommend you to check the ASUS Black Diamond Dual Band Wireless N 600 Router. As we might already know, it is very important to transmit the signal of the internet to any wireless devices in your home or office because you can save more budget.

If you desire for buying a a wireless router, you need to pay attention to the quality and features of your desired router. In most cases, people prefer to use this dual band router because of its great functions and offers a variety of great features.

One of the main features of ASUS Black Diamond Dual Band Wireless N 600 Router is its dual band frequency and can deliver faster internet connections. It has also equipped with a built-in server for any sharing purposes so this router can also be conneced to wireless hardwares like multifuntion printer. Other features included in the device are AiDisk for your own FTP server; download masters as well as EZ User Interface.

With ASUS Black Diamond wireless router, you can also share and stream files in an instant way. With its dual band features, you can feel more comfortable when you access the Internet because internet browsing, email checking will be handled by 2.4Ghz band while other tasks that require faster access to the internet and huge bandwidth like stream movies, VoIP, online gaming will be handled by 5Ghz band. In addition, this dual band feature is also very essential in preventing interference to any other home appliances and networks.

The ASUS Black Diamond N 600 Router offer excellent design, versatile innovation and exceptional speed of routers. Its costs are also very affordable and can be easily found in various online stores including Amazon. It is the reason why many people in the world prefer to use this kind of dual band wireless router.

If you interested to buy ASUS Diamond N 600 Router, we recommend you to purchase online because you can easily find review from other users and the price is also more affordable.