The world is becoming smaller every day due to the invention of the internet. With just a few mouse clicks and an internet service provider, anyone can easily access the web and connect with people around the globe.

Then companies began to introduce wireless fidelity, commonly known as wifi. To explain wifi to an internet novice, it is important to address how it is an improvement over previously available internet connections. There are a variety of topics you can address when presenting this technology to others.

Explain Wifi Connections

Wifi provides a high-speed connection without bounds, and its advantages have made it a popular choice among consumers. When you explain wifi benefits, start at the beginning. Wireless fidelity is a type of wireless technology that is managed by the Wi-Fi Alliance. This group’s goal is to improve the way that wireless connections function in the world, particularly local area network connections.

Explain Wifi Uses

Many modern devices make use of wifi technology. Besides computers, everything from video game consoles to digital cameras is now coming equipped with the capacity to utilize wifi connections. You can surf the Internet, play games, or make calls with voice over IP (VoIP) technology when you use wifi connections.

The consortium of separate and independent companies known as Wi-fi Alliance which has compatible products that are able to communicate through wireless fidelity connections. Products and brands are certified that they are interoperable with each other despite the differing brand names and companies.

Explain Wifi’s Contribution To Society

Wifi technology increases the capabilities of a variety of products and devices. Life becomes easier for the consumer because their devices can communicate with each other. Even simple technologies are now being expanded to incorporate these advancements.

With the large variety of providers and hotspots available, connections are available almost anywhere in the world. Travelers can now stay connected and business can be conducted from most locations. Wifi connections make the world even smaller.

Explain Wifi’s Benefits

Wifi allows devices to do what is called peer to peer sharing, which means that they do not directly need the internet to share data with one another. They can use the connections to contact each other directly. This wireless ad-hoc network model provides an excellent platform for gamers and consumer electronics.

Wifi technology can also be used with routers in order to connect to other devices. It allows less use of wiring and prevents the need to renovate older buildings. There is now no need to place your electronics based on where your phone jacks are.

Explain Wifi Drawbacks

One problem is that wireless connections may need a booster. There are often dead spots or areas which are enclosed and thus the signal does not reach the device.

While wifi is not always the perfect solution, its benefits tend to far outweigh the costs. It provides an easily accessible connection that doesn’t require a tangle of wires. Modern technological advances like wifi allow people to connect to others worldwide.